Podcast Production Course

April 25th - 29th, 2021
Join other podcast enthusiasts from Northern Europe on this five-day podcast course with two of the best podcast trainers in Denmark.

Dorte Palle and Tor Arnbjørn will take you through all the steps of creating your own popular podcast.

Why you need to take the course

The demand for well-produced podcast content is growing bigger across the media and communicating industry. This course is tailored for professionals within communication, journalism, marketing and media production who want to get into the world of podcast production or develop their skills as a podcast producer.

The course takes place in Struer where you will spend five intense, inspiring days with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in Sound Hub Denmark - a hub for international sound professionals, innovators and experts.

You will move from idea to a strong concept and leave with a production plan and lots of hands-on tools for recording, interviewing, hosting, editing and distributing. After the course you are ready to start producing your own popular podcast. 

Podcast experience is not required for this course, but we expect you to have a basic user knowledge about podcasts and experience with communication or storytelling from other channels and platforms.

Learning points

The course focuses more on concepts than on technical aspects and equipment. You will be asked to bring your own podcast idea and project with you which you will pitch on the first day and develop into a strong podcast concept and production plan through the rest of the course.

  • Get updated on the newest podcast trends - both commercial and journalistic podcast

  • Pick and choose between different podcast formats

  • Know which format will suit your audience and content

  • Turn a small idea into a strong podcast concept

  • Write a podcast script that will catch and hold the attention of the listener

  • Choose the right equipment

  • Plan and organise recordings

  • Interview techniques

  • Get good material when recording 

  • Write an editing script

  • Basic editing in Hindenburg

  • Train your vocal delivery

  • Distribute your podcast on the right platforms

Who is it for

The course is targeted at professionals from all the Nordic countries and Germany and is held in English. It is relevant if you need tools to move from idea to a strong podcast concept that is realistic to produce.


Participants might be:

  • Journalists on news media companies who wants to go into podcast publishing

  • Employees in communication- or marketing departments who wants to produce podcast content for the target groups

  • Content creators who wants to expand their repertoire with professional podcasts

  • Communication specialists in public organisations, unions, or NGOs with stories that are well suited for podcasts

  • Freelancers who wants to produce their own podcasts

  • Teachers and researchers who wants to turn teaching material or research into podcast learning

Course program

The course is five days and takes place in Struer in Western Jutland.  Accommodation and meals for five nights are included in the course price.

You will arrive at the hotel in Struer on the night before the first course day. Expect two long, intense, inspiring course days to follow.

On day five we will wrap up after lunch time.

Equipment for recording and editing will be provided as part of the course. We use Tascam DR05 recording kit and Hindenburg for editing. You will learn the basics so you are ready to produce on your own. 

The course is held in Struer at Sound Hub Denmark. Food and accommodation is included in the price.



6.875 DKK

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